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Vendor Opportunities – Become a Wise Owl Retailer

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint Vendor Information

Become part of a company with green values that can make you green

Wise Owl is looking for qualified vendors and retailers to carry our ever growing line of Chalk Synthesis Paint and our full line of finishing products. Become part of our expanding team with Michigan roots. We have eliminated harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives from our mineral paint and finishes while providing a superior product. Wise Owl was created from a love of re-purposing and reusing and we want our finishes to reflect the values that our company was founded on. Our environmental focus even extends to our website hosted on a green server that purchases wind energy credits to offset energy usage. Yes our server is powered using wind energy!

It is poetic that after the economic changes that we have witnessed and experienced, we find ourselves turning to re-purposing. To make something that may have been discarded into something of beauty, is rewarding and reminds us to be resourceful. We are proud to inspire your projects and we will continue to offer new and useful products along with a color selection to fit everyone.

While continuing to expand our product line and customer base we have been able to maintain exceptional products. In addition, we are keeping consumers and vendors costs low in contrast to the rising price tags paint companies are imposing on their consumers. Our Minimum startup investment for retailers remains affordable to support small businesses.  We offer protected territories and no minimum monthly quotas.  We also have affordable and speedy shipping, and a one stop product line featuring solvent free natural waxes, hemp-seed oil, glazes, VOC free paint, Matte and Satin Varnishes, Cling On paint brushes and more.  We provide all marketing material including posters, brochures, and all how-to resources for you and your customers.  You do not need to own a brick and mortar store in order to qualify.  Many Wise Owl Distributors sell online, teach classes from home, or rent spaces in stores and attend vendor events and shows.

Vendors will receive unparalleled support from a team that is very connected, shares projects, customer ideas, feedback and shares tips and tricks of the trade. Enjoy a protected area, no minimum monthly purchase amounts, and small opening order minimums to qualify for wholesale.  Contact us for more information about carrying an exceptional line of versatile VOC free paint, all natural and solvent free waxes, all natural hemp oil, Cling Ons, glazes, and amazing paint and wax brushes. Both individual distributors and vendors with storefronts are considered. We will continue to evolve, join the fun!



Karen Chouinard
Owner Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint
Chouinard Custom Furnishings LLC
Contact us for more info at [email protected]

Contact us for more information:

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Vendor Opportunities
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