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Luxury Interior Paint – One Hour Ceramic

One Hour Ceramic Luxury Interior Paint

One Hour Ceramic Luxury Interior Paint is the newest addition to the Wise Owl Paint™ product line up. Released in July 2020, our One Hour Ceramic (OHC)One Hour Ceramic Paint is a 100% acrylic interior paint that offers an extraordinary depth of color, enhance durability & performance with a luxurious matte finish - so softness to the touch that is to be celebrated!

The Science Behind Luxury
It’s all about state-of-the-art self-crosslinking resin and 3m™ Ceramic Microsphere Technology!

One Hour Ceramic Luxury Interior Paint

Luxurious Matte finish, One Hour Ceramics’ matte finish hides imperfections and disperses light; this allows the most depth of color without the sheen.

In other low sheen or matte coatings pigments stick up out of the surface of the resin to create a matte finish because the resin would otherwise be glossy. These pigments are rough, as a result of the minerals being crushed until they are very small. The process results in a particle with a coarse surface that is difficult to remove a stain from. In our One Hour Ceramic interior matte paint the Ceramic Microspheres reduce the gloss of the coating while improving its stain resistance and wash-ability.

Extraordinary Depth of Color, One Hour Ceramic, Luxury Interior Paint has a rich matte finish with incredible coverage.

In conventional coatings manufactures have to increase the sheen of their deep and ultra bases to maintain wash-ability, this is unnecessary with a ceramic fortified finish ensuring that you get a fully saturated color in a rich matte finish in any of our 25 beautiful colors. OHC’s incredible coverage comes from the pigment ingredient’s quality and ratios. We use only high strength zero VOC pigments for colorant.

Enhance durability and performance, One Hour Ceramic resists scrubbing and burnishing – helping keep painted surfaces smooth and uniform.

Unlike soft, irregularly shaped particles that break or wear away in other matte paints, the Ceramic Microsphere technology used in our One Hour Ceramic paint has the essential particle hardness and uniformed shape needed to enhance durability and performance. The ceramic microbeads will not absorb stains like other matte finish paint filled with mattifying agents made from rock. The strength and scrub-ability are fantastic!

Luxury, the nucleus of what we do.

Quick Specs:

  • Self-priming on most surfaces! (drywall, cured plaster, and masonry substrates). Bare metal or wood should be primed with Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer.
  • Self-leveling! Application is a breeze with self-leveling properties. It Is engineered to reduce or eliminate any drag and to promote a more user-friendly painting experience. This gives novice painters an edge and produces professional results!
  • Faster cure time! Self-cross-linking resin typically has better wash-ability and scrub resistance at 10 days than other conventional coatings!
  • Coverage-350-400 sq ft/gal. Not for outdoors. Formulated for interior walls only.
  • OHC is extremely low VOC at 50 g/l.

Quick Prep & Application:

  • The surface must be dry and free of all dust, debris, and loose paint. It will adhere to anything clean, dry, and dull.
  • When primer is needed use Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer.
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Apply with a brush, roller, or spray. For optimal results use a 3/8” nap roller cover. Flow on generously, brushing lightly from unpainted to painted areas.
  • For spray application, this product may be thinned with water. Do not exceed thinning with more than one pint of water per gallon.
  • Recoat time: 1-2 hours depending on color, climate, and application.
  • Easy soap and water clean-up.
One Hour Ceramic Paint Product Lines
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